• The best tools for sustainable government procurement

    Local governments spend significant amounts on goods and services every year – NSW Local Government alone has an annual turnover of $10 billion to maintain local communities. This means there’s enormous potential for local government to have a massive impact on driving procurement that’s better for the environment and socially responsible. Former Local Government New

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  • 4 key steps to writing a sustainable procurement policy

    Developing a sustainable procurement policy is an important and worthy goal for any organisation or business. It’s not just about buying the eco-friendliest products out there – sustainable procurement means taking the social and economic impacts of purchased goods and services into account, along with their environmental footprint. Through sustainable procurement, your organisation can build

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  • The GECA ‘Materials in Mind’ pod

    The GECA ‘Materials in Mind’ pod is an interactive showcase of beautiful and functional GECA Certified building materials and furniture, all inside a uniquely repurposed 20ft (6×2.2m) used shipping container. Visitors can interact with the pod via the built-in educational elements, which outline the key environmental, health and social issues associated with different building materials.

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