• South African Government Visits GECA in Sydney

    It was with great pleasure that GECA hosted the South African Government, who in search of ecolabel with international excellence, chose GECA to come, visit and learn from. The government are forming an ecolabel to define and deliver best practice products for private and public works in infrastructure. They acknowledged that the importance of independence,

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  • Global Ecolabelling Network in Berlin

    Working Together to do GOOD: GECA Shares Expertise with Global Ecolabels

    GECA’s Standards & Technical Manager Judith Schinabeck participated in an educational and inspirational event in Berlin, 21-25 October, to highlight the success of ecolabelling around the globe, and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Blue Angel and the first annual World Ecolabel Day. Each year members of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) gather to exchange knowledge

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  • War On Waste

    From Waste War to Recycling Reboot: National Recycling Week 2018

    New research commissioned by Planet Ark has found that while the majority of Australians trust their kerbside recycling gets recycled, almost half of us aren’t sure of what happens to it and a significant proportion believe it goes mostly to landfill.

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