• What You Should Know About: Cleaning Products

    While cleaning products are important for healthy and appealing living and working conditions, they can also have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Here’s what you need to know to choose products that are GOOD for people and planet.

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  • GECA Licensee - Modulyss

    What You Should Know About: Carpets

    Despite that comforting feeling underfoot, carpets can have a range of environmental and health impacts just like any other product. We’ve put together this handy guide to make life easier when you’re shopping for a sustainable carpet.

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  • What You Should Know About: Textiles

    While we all need clothes to wear and furnishings in our homes and workplaces, textile products can have negative impacts on the environment and human health. So, what does it mean for a textile to be environmentally and socially preferable – as well as safer for your health?

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