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Environmental Fluid Systems

Environmental Fluid Systems

Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner gives Maldivian Air Taxis environmentally-friendly clean

Maldivian Air Taxis operates a fleet of 27 De Haviland Twin Otter seaplanes, all of which need to be cleaned and serviced within the environmentally sensitive Maldives region without causing harm to waterways, animal and plant life. The planes operate across a total of 1200 islands in the Maldives region and the entire fleet of aircraft need to be washed at the end of each day.

To make sure the planes are cleaned efficiently, but without causing environmental damage, the company uses Environmental Fluid Systems’ triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner. The cleaner is certified under GECA’s CPv2.2-2012 Cleaning Products standard and is safe to use in environmentally sensitive environments such as the Maldives. It’s improved cleaning results for the seaplanes while reducing risk and protecting environmental health.

triple7 is a range of highly powerful, 100% bio based, industrial and commercial grade cleaners and degreasers that are non-toxic, protect the cleaning surface, and are environmentally friendly. The formulations of the cleaners are designed to target the desired cleaning action in isolation whilst doing away with the chemical

“overkill” associated with the hazardous chemicals normally used.

“GECA is seen by major clients across Australia and internationally to be a credible organisation that provides certification to forward thinking companies that seek to maintain and further environmental standards. Environmental Fluid Systems is glad to be associated with the GECA label,” said Lydia Ohlmeyer, Marketing and Operations Manager at Environmental Fluid Systems.

Products certified under GECA’s cleaning products standard have a lower impact on the environment, are safer for human health, and address social considerations such as fair pay for workers. They have limited amounts of substances that are harmful to aquatic environments, increased biodegradability, no phosphorous, and no toxic substances that are carcinogenic or mutagenic.

Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner

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